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The Escape Evade Pathfinder:

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Whether serving in the military or operating in a tactical environment, this 550 Mil-Spec strap will outfit you when trekking a LAND-NAV course or training at the range. Avoid and endure a kidnapping, hostage situation, or OCONUS detainment using the E&E (Evade & Escape) tools. Concealed inside the buckle is a non-metallic cuff key to escape illegal restraints or used as a backup key for security professionals. The Kevlar cordage is a praised tool in scenarios requiring escape from obstacles like flex-cuffs and rope. Additional tools allow for fire starting, navigating to rally points, repairing gear, adjusting a rifle sight, saw thru iron bars, and more. 
- The #EEpathfinder Standard Base Model Includes (0-9) -
The Escape and Evade Pathfinder Includes:
0- 10-15' Paracord, Type III, 550lb: 7 inner nylon strands each w/ 2 braided strings. Replace shoestrings, make a bow saw, lash together logs to create a raft, make a bear bag, use as fishing line, tie down gear, create snare traps, fashion a clothesline or tent frame, etc.

1- Nylon Strands: Each bracelet includes 125-250 feet of cordage. 35lb rating per strand. Utilize the inner strands of paracord sheath as fishing line, sutures, sheltering lashes, strapping, etc.

2- *Handcuff Key Buckle: non-metallic, concealed handcuff key. Universal fit. 

3- Black Ziptie: Use as cable tie to strap down gear, ignite to create smoke signal, or melt to waterproof items.

4- Magnetized Sewing Needle/Pick: Pick locks, pair w/ paracord strands for suture kit, use as an improvised compass when placed on floating leaf.

5- Duct Tape Strap (Mil Spec 100MPH tape): repair gear, use as bandage, patch & waterproof tears to a tent, splint boat paddle, use as fly trap for protein.

6- *60” Kevlar Utility Thread (K.U.T.): Sawing Cord and Snare Wire (200lb tested - UV/Friction Resistant) Saw branches/zipties/ropes- Fashion a bow saw, catch wild game using as a snare wire, make a trip line, use as garrote weapon. Adopted by US Army SERE specialists and NAVY Seals. (Half of K.U.T. is secured to outer strap for easy access, other half is stashed inside core for later use)

7- *2 Ranger Bands: secure gear, silence rucksack clips, add grip to pistol handle, burn as tinder.

8- *Luminous Compass: LAND-NAV tested. Fixed 360 Degree Dial. Impact and Water Resistant.

9- *Luminous Glow Light Surface: charge in seconds from natural/artificial light source(flashlight, sun, phone screen) generates minutes of a low glow output for seeing a map or completing tasks in dark environments.
-The fully upgraded #EEpathfinder additionally includes items (10-16)-
10- *2x Micro Chem Light Stick: 1 Cyalume Red Stick (Military Grade NATO Chemlight, HI-VIS, 4yr Shelf Life in sealed packet) 1 Standard Red Stick (equipped to strap, 2yr shelf life, medium glow). Break to activate. Illuminate documents or complete tasks in low light conditions. Use as signalling/comms device. Red light prevents light fragmentation to allow for subdued use.
11-*Fire Steel Ferrocerium Toggle Peg: Start a fire. Scrape slowly to shave off black covering before use. Strike quickly to ignite tinder. Reflect on sparks into nest of fine tinder, provide oxygen flow by blowing into the base of flame.
12- *Fire Tinder Wick: highly flammable red fibrous strand coated in combustible oils for fire starting assistance. 
13- Diamond Wire Blade: 70mm Highly Abrasive Rod with Hard Composites of Diamond Dust- capable of sawing thru Iron Bars and Steel Chains.
14- Zirconia Ceramic Razor Blade and Fire Striker w/ Sheath (Wear Resistant - Non-Dulling Cutting Edge - Covert - Non Metallic - Concealable ). Strike against flint to create sparks, cutting blade for endless uses, razor sharp for shaving or skinning, cut thru rope/ziptie restrains.
15- Shim Pin: a modified hairgrip to improvise as fish hook, shim or pick handcuffs and locks, paperclip documents, bookmark, zipper pull replacement, reset electronic devices, pit cherries, squeegee toothpaste, etc.
16- *Backup Handcuff Key: TIHK brand key with clip for concealment on person. Secured under ranger band for quick access. 
-Substitute standard paracord for FireCord, select in color options-
Fire Cord: Replace standard Paracord with 550lb cord containing an inner combustible wick that easily ignites with a strong flame, long burn time, and is in a waterproof sheath. Great for starting fires in wet conditions or when tinder isnt accessible. Includes 10+ feet of oil based tinder.

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